Selfie Camera App

A camera app designed for selfies with live filters

  • Category Photography
  • License Free
  • Works under Android
  • Package name com.splashpadmobile.selfie
  • Author SplashPad Mobile

In this age of smartphones and other widely available technology, selfies have become a daily part of life for many people. The Selfie Camera App is a tool that makes taking these pictures even easier than it already is.

So how can anyone make snapping a digital picture more simple than it has even been? Well, this app does so by changing one small yet significant aspect of the picture taking process. The camera app on a smartphone or tablet normally opens with the lens viewer pointing outward toward the world and away from the person holding the device. Once the Selfie Camera App has been installed on that device, however, the camera app opens already facing the picture taker so that he or she may quickly snap a selfie without having to change the camera's settings first. Considering that the best selfies are taken with the front-facing camera instead of having to turn the device around, it is easy to see why people would appreciate the Selfie Camera App.

While this app does help Android users take better and faster selfies, there are some negatives associated with it. Unlike other apps, the Selfie Camera App does not provide any additional tools for users. There are no editing options that will help enhance and/or alter the image. Another negative is that users are not able to share their images via social media directly from the app. In order to let your friends and family members see the images you have taken of yourself, you must go to the device's photo gallery and upload the image to the social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


  • Causes camera app to open with front-facing camera for selfies.


  • Does not include additional editing or sharing features.